• Dhamma School
    Dhamma School

    Our Dhamma School students - 2011

  • Dhamma School (2013)
    Dhamma School (2013)

    Observing Five Percepts

  • A Meditation Session
    A Meditation Session
  • New Building Opening Ceremony
    New Building Opening Ceremony

    31 Dec 2011

  • New Building Opening Ceremony
    New Building Opening Ceremony

    31 Dec 2011

  • New Building
    New Building
  • Consultation session on Office of Religious Freedom
    Consultation session on Office of Religious Freedom
  • Meditation Hall and the Shrine Room
    Meditation Hall and the Shrine Room
  • Dhamma Discussions
    Dhamma Discussions
  • Dhamma Day (2012)
    Dhamma Day (2012)
  • Resident Monks
    Resident Monks


  • Dhamma Talks to High School Students
    Dhamma Talks to High School Students
  • Youth Vesak Sil Program (2013)
    Youth Vesak Sil Program (2013)
  • Dhamma School Day (2013)
    Dhamma School Day (2013)
  • Vesak (2013): Buddha's Birthday Celebration at the Mississauga Celebration Square
    Vesak (2013): Buddha's Birthday Celebration at the Mississauga Celebration Square
  • Vesak (2013): Buddha's Birthday Celebration at the Mississauga Celebration Square
    Vesak (2013): Buddha's Birthday Celebration at the Mississauga Celebration Square

" All tremble at punishment. Life is dear to all. Put yourself in the place of others; kill none nor have another killed. Dhammapada 130 "



What's Happening Now at the Centre?

Programs of the Temple: This Week from Oct. 20 to Oct. 26

Sunday Dhamma School for 2014 & 2015 Year Resumed. See Pictures

Please click here for some highlights of the first day of Sunday Dhamma School resumed yesterday.

Our vision is firmly rooted in the family paradigm and human values. We believe, “The family that practises Buddhism (Dhamma) together stays together!” We provide a physical and spiritual environment for the children of our Buddhist Faith Tradition in Canada from toddlers to kindergarten to grade school, high School and university levels to pursue a structured and comprehensive Buddhist Religious Education, imparted by a qualified and approved teaching staff in the context of Canada’s multicultural and multi-religious society with due respect to principal Canadian values of tolerance and peaceful co-existence which the Canadian Society shares in abundance with Buddhism!


Some Pictures from Retreat and Talk by Ajahn Brahm at our Temple

Click here for all pictures

Pictures from Buddhist Festival of Vesak - 2014

Please click here to view pictures from Buddhist Festival of Vesak held on May 31st at the Mississauga Celebration Square. Thanks to Venerable Dr. Bhante Saranapala, the Chair of the organizing committee, all members of the organizing committee, Temple's Dayaka Sabha, volunteers, members of the Buddhist Youth Council and devotees for giving support and for working hard to make it a great success.

Vesak: Buddha's Birthday Celebration at the Mississauga Celebration Square - May 31, 2014

We have pleasure in inviting you to participate in the special celebrations drawn up to mark the 2638th Birth Anniversary of the Buddha on Saturday, May 31, 2014, from 2.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

We are naming the event as 'Vesak: Buddha's Birthday Celebration' in order to attract non-Buddhists from the wider community and encourage them to join us in a unique ceremony which will give them an insight into a different culture and spiritual path which is peacefully co-existing within the Canadian mosaic.

The month of Vesak which falls in May is the time of the Buddha's birth, enlightenment and passing away which has great religious significance to those who follow his teachings as members of the Buddhist community of practitioners.  The Buddha attained enlightenment at the age of 35 and taught for 45 years the Path referred as the Middle Way, and passed away at the age of 80 over 2558 years ago in the 6th century BC.

In order to introduce a large and vibrant Buddhist community to the general public, the three largest temples in Mississauga have undertaken to organize this event.  Those temples are the Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto (at Mill Creek Rd.), the Phap Van Buddhist Temple at Trader’s Blvd. and the West-End Buddhist Temple at Cawthra Rd.  An additional 27 temples and societies from around the GTA, representing 13 countries and three traditions (Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana), are participating (please see the attached spreadsheet for a list).  If you keep an ear open, you will hear Sinhala from Sri Lanka, Mandarin from China, Vietnamese from Vietnam, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Burmese, Thai, Khmer from Cambodia and Tibetan languages as well as chants in Pali and Sanskrit. Translations of the chants will be available on the big screens above the stage.

The program includes Buddhist blessings and chants delivered by the ordained monks or Sangha, to be followed by speeches from special invitees amongst whom are several MPs, MPPs, a Senator, City Councillor and the Peel Police Chief who have confirmed their attendance.   We hope for a surprise visit from our Mayor Hazel McCallion.

The closing session will incorporate Buddhist rituals, cultural songs, traditional dances and a display of martial arts by the devotees of the temples in the GTA.  We expect to provide a colorful, active and fun filled afternoon along with the extensive displays and a variety of Vesak decorations to please everyone that would be there.

The organizing committee of this first Mississauga Vesak Festival is being coordinated by Michael Weldon with the cooperation and under the guidance of Venerable Dr. Bhante Saranapala who is the Chairperson of the event.

We trust you would accept our invitation and look forward to your participation early by contacting any member of the organizing committee named below.  Your early confirmation of your ability to cover the event will be greatly appreciated. 

Please visit Event Website


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